Computer Recovery – post Hacked

What to do after your computer is hacked to near destruction

Looking at my Windows 10 system machine I could almost see the worms racing through the screen, trojans smashing the innards, and keyloggers recording everything with a sadistic smirk. Sigh.

How did they get there – I let them in, believe it or not. I allowed criminals access to the machine, and, as they say, I was fair game from then, on

Well, I tried everything available – ran Bitdefender Total Security, found a bit, but the problems were still there.

Ran Malwarebytes Anti-malware, got some results, but problems continued, so ran again in “safe mode”. Ahh, more trash and smelly stuff, but still not satisfied, so ran Malwarebytes antirootkit in “safe mode” Really got a result, but I was clearly running into system slowdown and hesitation, now.

Checked the site for assistance. Was directed to the Microsoft endorsed engineers who, after a negotiated fee, helped me understand how bad the damage was to the machine system. Yes, I sat on my hands and did a silent scream!

The answer was to completely replace the windows 10 O/S, so after some frantic backing up of stuff I really wanted to keep, it was time to pull the plug.

On a side note, it always amazes me that even though I do regular backups, there is always stuff I really need but had not included in the backups – little stuff like the desktop file with all those program references…

OK, so to the main purpose of Computer Recovery;- to recover the PC (These instructions were carried out on a Toshiba Laptop running the latest version of Windows 10)

First, make sure your machine is connected to the internet.

Regardless of all the bumph that Microsoft offers as how to start, I had to hold down the shift key (keep it down, while the computer restarts), and use the mouse to click on power/restart.

OK, now I have the start screen: “Choose an option”.

Choose the option “Troubleshoot”

Clicking on “Troubleshoot” gives you an option.

Click “Reset this PC” and you have another option:

Clicking; “Just remove my files” will remove all of your files and re-install a fresh Windows O/S

– but there is another choice, here: Click “Remove everything”, and you get the final set-up screen:

Reset this PC

Yes, the moment has arrived;- click “Clean the drive fully”!

Now the system will clean the disk data, re-install Win10 (in this case) and prepare the computer for you to begin the task of re-installing all your programs and data files.

Just take a careful look at anything you are going to re-install – do I need it, or better still, what is it – maybe a foreigner?

There will be a number of images to indicate progress

You will have plenty of time to think about your programs you may or may not want – the system re-install will take a while, and your machine will re-start more than once or twice…

OK, good luck with your future efforts. If you find these instructions do not work for your system or brand of computer then I suggest you search the web to discover what works for you.

Just remember, don’t trust anyone who approaches you unbidden, don’t let anyone have access to your machine except those who you have good reason to trust, and make sure you have protection in place as well as a regular backup system. All good practices to help ensure you don’t need to do computer recovery again.

The best e-reader is one that has been designed and developed based on user expectations. Such expectations have been obtained from user experiences with earlier models. Ever since their launch a decade ago, the best e-readers have established their popularity due to their focus on customer needs. Such popularity appears not be a one-off achievement as the best e-readers have been able to hold their positions year after year.

To be well informed as to what the best e-reader has to offer, the following would be of value:

  1. A good balance between the lit screen and eye strain. In fact, the screen has been noted to be outstanding. It has better lighting with a high level of clarity and contrast of the text. To be sure, the higher priced models may offer additional features but they would not be within the means of a majority of people.
  2. Crisp and bold laser quality text that allows you to read for longer periods. Soft lit screen which makes reading easy on the eye and is more comfortable for reading during the night. A screen that cuts down glare and makes it possible even for reading in the sunlight.
  3. The best e-reader is one that you can use almost anywhere, even in the sunlight. The exception is perhaps underwater. If you need to do so for whatever reasons, look for models that are waterproof.
  4. Adjustable brightness that you can set according to your level of comfort and surroundings.
  5. Longer lasting batteries that remove the hassle of frequent charging. The battery of the best e-reader lasts for weeks instead of just hours depending on reading time, use of WIFI and brightness of screen used. All this on a single charge and a fast charging time.
  6. As many as 7 different font stylings that are exclusively crafted to make them well suited for digital screens. Font sizes are customized for greater readability and you can zoom on the screen to adjust the font sizes.
  7. A new dictionary with a feature that enables you to build a list of words that you have come across. You can then review the list to improve your reading and expand your vocabulary.
  8. Availability of a wide range of books including best sellers and those available only in digital form. A faster microprocessor makes loading books and page turning faster.
  9. The best e-reader is small, thin and highly portable with a capacity for thousands of book. You can highlight relevant sections of those that you read in addition to taking notes on the screen.

Apple believes music begins at home.

It’s why they are launching the HomePod, to bring you a new musical experience right in your living room or, for that matter, any space you want it.

HomePod will be available in early February. Apple claims it can definitely rock the house.

Don’t get confused. The HomePod is not an Amazon Echo or Google Home device in a different package. While it can serve as a home assistant, the difference is in the sound.

The tech giant says the HomePod is the ultimate music authority. It actually brings together Apple Music and Siri to “learn” your taste in music.

It works through a combination of Apple’s engineered audio technology and advanced software said to deliver the highest-fidelity sound throughout the room.

The device features Apple’s A8 chip. The company claims it is the biggest brain ever in a speaker.

HomePod comes with seven beamforming tweeters designed with a precision acoustic horn that focuses sound for directional control. Sound will be consistent from anywhere in the room no matter where you are sitting.

Those who like a lot of bass will appreciate the high-excursion woofer with a custom amplifier. HomePod uses an advanced algorithm that continuously analyzes the music and dynamically tunes the low frequencies for what should be a smooth sound.

The HomePod is just under seven inches tall. Wrapped in a seamless mesh fabric, Apple says it is designed for both aesthetic and acoustic performance.

Available colors include white and space gray.

Apple claims set up is easy. Plug it in and your iOS device will detect it. The device has spatial awareness to adjust, giving you optimal sound no matter where you place it. It will even hear your requests from across the room while loud songs are playing.

If your room is acoustically challenged no need to worry. HomePod automatically analyzes the acoustics, adjusts the sound based on the speaker’s location, and then separates the music into direct and ambient sound.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the device is that it includes Apple Music and Siri. You can select from practically any song with Apple Music and train Siri to learn your music tastes. Listeners can tell Siri what you wish to hear or let it make suggestions for you.

Your other Apple devices will also include your playlists as you compile them on HomePod. Those lists will appear automatically on your iPad or iPhone.

Having a party? Your friends can also jump on your Wi-Fi network and stream their music right to your HomePod.

Of course, as an intelligent assistant, you can always ask HomePod for live news, sports, weather and traffic. You can even send voice messages or take a call on your iPhone and turn it over to HomePod.

Unfortunately, like other Apple products, there is no Bluetooth playback or audio plug-in. The device will only work with the Apple ecosystem so leave your Android devices in the drawer.

HomePod is a lot more expensive than Amazon Echo or Google Home. Pricing will start at $350.

Still the Echo compared favorably in sound quality and offers more apps for about a third of the cost.

As with other Apple products, quality in design and construction make the HomePod stand out.

Apple fans will have to decide if listening is believing, and if the audio experience and functionality are truly worth the price.

Excited at getting your Laptop?

Getting a Laptop can be a wholesome experience. I remember when I got my item, it was an exciting time for me. I had a Desktop and used it for about 10 years. During that time, I had many headaches as it would freeze constantly. Sometimes, I would spend hours just getting it to work. Then, I would borrow my wife’s Laptop. At first, it was alright but then my wife started to complain and suggested that I get a Laptop.

At first, I had resisted the idea. In the past, I had brought a used Laptop and was not satisfied with it. Also, I did not want to spend any money. My stingy side was getting the best of me, but alas, I reasoned that it was the best move to make. With the aid of my wife, I did a lot of research and set my eyes on a nice HP that was on sale by Amazon products. I charged it on my Amazon card and awaited its arrival.

A good rule of thumb is to get a warranty. I know that it may cost a little more but in the long run, it will be a good thing to do. I learned this principle with my Desktop. I had a problem, called the center and got my issue solved. A good warranty will pay for itself in the long run.

When my Laptop arrived, the first thing that I did was look at the menu. Take some time to get familiar with the menu. Another thing to bear in mind is to not access the internet until you have downloaded an anti-virus to it. Most Laptops comes with a free anti-virus trial. Take advantage of it.

Again, please do not access the internet without activating an anti-virus software. I learned this the hard way when I brought my ill-fated Laptop. I went straight to the internet and got myself entangled with a virus that damaged it. Having this in mind, I was determined not to make the same mistake twice.

As soon as you download your anti-virus, go to the internet and get familiar with its features. My Laptop had an Explorer Browser, so I downloaded an extra one. You can do the same, too. Just go to the Google search engine and download the Browser of your choice. It’s a good rule to thumb to have a second browser on hand.

Avoiding freeze ups.

One of the things that you want to avoid with your computer is the freeze ups. It is a good thing to clear the cookies every two weeks. One of the ways to do so is to clear the history of what you have viewed. Clearing your cookies will help your computer run better.

The wonderful world of You tube offers many good tips on avoiding freeze ups. Also, with the warranty, you can get the much needed help from expert personnel, so please take advantage of these features. Nothing is more frustrating than having the computer freeze up on you. A good rule of thumb is to not overload your computer. This can, certainly, cause a slow down.

Closing thoughts

Getting a computer is a wonderful thing. Whether it is a Laptop or any other electronic device, it is a wise thing to get involved in your investment. A few things to remember…

  • Get a warranty with your purchase
  • Download the anti-virus
  • Clear the cookies
  • Avoid computer freeze-ups.

Having these things in mind will help make your computer experience one to remember.