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The Ultimate Guide for a Tour in Paris

It is a dream of many to want to make a trip to Paris which ensures that this destination keeps recurring in peoples travel destination lists. This is because it has a repute in high quality art it also happens to be among the pacesetters in the fashion industry as a great number of sites which one could tour. The city is a home to numerous of sites worth paying a visit which then translates that it is next to impossible for one to be in a position to visit all the sites in one visit. This guide allows one to learn about the sites which a person going to Paris for the very first time can tour.

The first site, Notre-Dame de Paris happens to be a cathedral that is famous how being a setting in various movies and books. This cathedral is quite eye-catching considering that its utilized very bright colors together with its old architectural decisions. The cathedral continues to host catholic masses for all the interested people, obviously at a set time. Sacr?-Coeur is yet another religious site found in Paris, being a basilica whose structure is made from Travertine stone which is white in color. The visiting people can always get a guide to help the find their way around the basilica from the sites website.

The Third site is now a museum, unlike the previous two which were churches, and this museum by the name Mus?e d’Orsay holds pieces of art from famous artist such as Picasso. They display art which they change regularly so that they are able to showcase the many pieces of art available. Louvre Museum is yet another breathtaking site in the city of Paris. The building dates back to the twelfth century which means that it has quite a lot of artifacts that one can learn about. The museum is hosted by a rather long building which mean that they people visiting have to do a substantial among out of walking to see all it has to offer hence it would be advisable for a person to have comfortable shoes that can facilitate it.

The Moulin Rouge is a site which allows one to view the cultures leaving an effect of travelling back in time. The most famous site in Paris, Eiffel Tower is almost magnetic which therefore attracts people to come and have look. This tower has its structure made of wrought iron which explains why its stands strong up to now despite being erected in the year 1887. It finds many as as a surprise to learn that the tower was put up more than a century ago. The tower also holds a restaurant in the second floor as well as a bar where one can have a drink while enjoying a spectacular view of the city.